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Posted on April 13, 2010


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Today I would like to highlight several links that I found today in my RSS reader from which I think one can learn a thing or two.

I was encouraged by this, but I tend to take everything analysts say with the proverbial grain of salt:

Analysts Predict Industry Turn Around

Signals are emerging that the restaurant industry is poised for a turn toward recovery, according to The NPD Group, a market research company that tracks consumer usage of foodservice outlets.

NPD’s SalesTrac Weekly restaurant market research report, which measures same-store sales trends for 47 quick-serve and family-style chains, shows same-store sales increases over a year ago in four of the past six weeks, a trend not seen in 11 months.

Here are two items worth reading in relation to employees and service. The first is the best so read that if you don’t have time for the second:

Do Your Servers Give Your Guests the Service They Want?

Your guests don’t just come to your restaurant to eat – they come for the experience. Servers are there to do more than make drinks and take orders – they are there to “serve.” That means give the guest the experience they desire.

Putting a Face to a Name: The Art of Motivating Employees

Could a simple five-minute interaction with another person dramatically increase your weekly productivity?

This last link is something I think you should utilize if you’re on Twitter:

Follow Those Tweets! 50 Tweeters Online Entrepreneurs Should Follow

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