Several links to read and from which to learn.

Posted on April 13, 2010


Here’s a couple of news articles that deal with marketing and branding by restaurants that I think it’s worth reading and thinking about.

What Better Spokespeople Than the Employees?

To further reinforce this message, Donatos will feature its own associates as brand messengers. Nearly 80 associates participated in TV commercial casting events in the Ohio cities of Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus. A total of 15 were chosen as finalists to participate in the new creative campaign, which officially rolled out.

Employees are exceptional sources for promoting one’s brand but don’t forget the importance of the guests importance to do that. Imagine commercials with real guests. Even better imagine those guests spreading the word on a daily basis. That’s a powerful medium.

Here’s another interesting article: Drop the Cell Phone and Connect Over Coffee

The bakery café chain introduced its Connect at the Corner promotion this week, offering free cups of coffee through Facebook and distributing free coffee mugs in its communities.

“We just wanted to find a way to help our guests reconnect with each other, with friends, and also give ourselves a chance to reconnect with them, too, personally,” says Diana Hovey, senior vice president of marketing for Corner Bakery.

“There’s a big difference between texting a smiley face to someone and actually sharing a cup of coffee across the table with them.”

I like how they are utilizing Facebook to market this plan. Remember, we at are here to help you reach your guests and expand those you serve with our proven marketing program.